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CyberSmart! Services
CyberSmart! Services
CyberSmart! Computers
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About CyberSmart Computers
About CyberSmart Computers
    Why buy a CyberSmart! Computer?
  1. Because nobody can match our 3-year warranty! Go ahead; try to buy a computer for just $599 that includes a 3-year warranty. That's our entry level priced computer, and no one - not Dell, not HP, not eMachine - no one can match that price for that package. And if you buy a monitor, and there is a warranty problem, you get a FREE loaner from CyberSmart! Nobody does that - only CyberSmart!
  2. Because nobody gives you lifetime FREE telephone support! All the Big Box manufacturers charge for phone support when you go out of warranty. Dell charges even if are still under their parts warranty. Nobody else gives you FREE lifetime telephone support.
  3. Because face-to-face contact makes CyberSmart! Computers personally accountable to you! The honest answer is that nothing beats the authority you carry into a conversation when you speak directly to your computer manufacturer.
  4. Because you control what you buy - and with our competitors' add-ons charges for warranties and activating software, a CyberSmart! Computer costs less and delivers more! Your CyberSmart! Computers come with the 3-year warranty built into the price - no extra charges. And if you want a particular operating system- say, Windows XP for example - you get exactly what you want - and you only pay for what you get.
    Why have CyberSmart Computers & Networking connect your home and office networking?
  1. Because CyberSmart puts your security first. We use techniques to protect you and your data from snoops and hackers. The first consideration we ask ourselves is, "How can we keep your client safe?"
  2. Because we price by the networked appliance, not by the hour. Nobody knows how long it will take to set up a network because nobody knows what surprises you'll find when you start. That's why we charge a flat rate based upon the number of items we network. No matter how long it takes, you know what you owe before we start - and never a penny more.
  3. Because all hardware carries a 3-year warranty. Quality parts mean quality service and a long-term warranty. All at no extra charge.
  4. Because we know ways to make your network work harder, and smarter. Want to access the internet while you're out on the road? Want to be able to pull up a web page with your clients' data and work orders - ready for remote printing at the job site? Want to be able to monitor what happens on your network when it's used by employees, or your kids? Innovative thinking is why you should call CyberSmart Computers & Networking.
    Why buy your laptop from CyberSmart! Computers & Networking?
  1. Because you buy it here - you get it serviced here. No calling an overseas phone room; you bring it straight into us.
  2. Because we sell laptops with an international warranty. Anywhere in the world, you can get service. In the US, there are representative stores where you can get personal answers, and personal service.
  3. Because we only sell "multiple incidents" warranties. Did you know some warranties are "one time only" warranties? We only sell warranties that allow multiple incidents to be reported and repaired. You get every day you paid to get.
    Why call CyberSmart! Computers & Networking for repairs and periodic maintenance?
  1. Because we stand behind out work. We have thousands of satisfied customers in the Pensacola Bay Area. Our success is built upon our service.
  2. Because we know what we are doing. We know what we know, and we know what we don't know. That realistic view of repairing your equipment means you don't have to worry about us using your dime to teach ourselves how to fix a problem. If we accept the job, we already know that we know how to solve it.
  3. Because we publish all our prices. You know our rates, and you know everybody pays the same. Our fees are there in black and white so that you know going into the repair what it is going to cast you.
There are so many reasons to call CyberSmart! Computers & Networking.
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